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©Philippe Lemarchand

©Philippe Lemarchand


I was born in 1977

I am graduated from Penninghen ESAG (Paris) where I have learnt basics of image’s construction and laws of colour and « International Center of Photography » (New-York City) where I have tried severals mediums and different cameras especially « la chambre 4x5 » out. 

Mostly I work by staging people I photograph. I travel often and I like to create two different series in parallel. That’s a way to keep a keen eye on each of it : the first one is always based on women issues and the other one is more abstract and mysterious.

L’Oréal supported my work by using pictures from « Inside Views » series in order to illustrate its book « 100.000 ans de beauté » published by Gallimard.

My work is represented by galleries and commercial agents in France and USA.